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I admire the fluent animation. The lip-sync is well applied, and what I really loved from this, are the effects.

You nailed the style of the show perfectly. The plot for this fan-episode is interesting.

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When I saw this first on YouTube, I couldn't believe you finally got to make another awesome masterpiece. All the hard work got depicted, and I loved the dramatic climax!

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Excellent representation of everything a cell has to make through to fertilize the egg.

A bit hard, but I like the detail, and all that stuff.

Not bad at all.

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Unknown why this track was featured on the first place. The waves sound like crashes. It isn't even close to be a loop, since it's cut on the end. This wouldn't even suit a nice GD level. It would sound like monsters on a chalkboard.

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bdog705 responds:

its featured because of how many views it has
im not sure what ''waves'' you're talking about, they are crashes, they go from low velocity to higher rapidly
it isnt cut, its the way newgrounds loops its songs and the way FL exports it, i might have accidentally wrapped the end of the export
you use FL, you should know.

>it would sound like monsters on a chalkboard
wot even what? how would a game alter the sound of the song?
how do you know it wont be fitting? have you tried?

Skill, simplicity, and lenght make this track, probably not as intense as many of yours (despite the final drop), but is still enjoyable and has noise. Reminds me of the last spark that enlightens the fire.

Even at these years, this is still one of my favorite tracks by you; its midnight sieges and low tempo make it enjoyable by anyone. Back in the days of relief!

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I'm no stranger to bad films that give good ideas. And even if I assume the one that sent the message wasn't Alex himself (probably a pervert AV bot?), it seemed that Addie got impacted by the image. I know that humidifying the screen so much might negatively affect the device, but here is expressed in a... rather emojional and interesting way.

I have never seen any kind of NSFW Coco art. And take it, with these skeletons, it might even be limited. Yet it's interesting to know that there are still some that can do this kind of... boney, NSFW work.

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Sure, I might hate Marina, but this animation is pretty neat. I like the colors and the shading for this one.

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