Sharing issues and rants

2017-04-21 12:38:41 by ChoonieMoonie2002

Now it happens I received another rant from Bren. Before you rant me, let me point out:

Now, you know you're concerned about me posting drawings by other people (not in here, in my Facebook page and my Twitter), and you say I didn't ask permission, but THEY'RE MY CHARACTERS, AND I WANT TO SHOWCASE THE WORKS BECAUSE I WANT THEM TO KNOW AND FOLLOW THE ARTISTS WHOSE MADE THEM.

Besides, what is wrong with linking back? One of the drawings made is from a person I BROKE BOUNDARIES WITH, and so, I will not post a single evidence, due to the artist being a monster. Now, you may not wanna report me because, sharing the work to around the world DOESN'T EQUAL TO stealing. I do give credit, and link back.

Besides, when I asked permission to do something? NEVER.
I'd hate having further concerns. Those who keep on for sure LOVE seeing me angry. Why is it WRONG to share and giving proper credit, but OKAY to not telling anyone about the talents people have?

And this is for everyone reading this journal, that made a drawing for me, as either AT or RQ. Is it hard to leave a girl with anger issues alone? Is it easy to keep on shouting over and over again, because of me sharing a drawing in other media, but being concerned, even if I do give credit and link back?

Do you LOVE to trigger my anger issues? Do you even HATE me and what I do... I mean, do you really HATE me? You shouldn't answer, because i know what you mean. Rants, concerns, and reports are equal to HATE. YES, I MEAN SERIOUSLY. ANYONE THAT DOESN'T RESPECT WHAT I DO, HATES ME.

You most times said, that only the owner of the character can use the drawing. I read it in the works I've seen around, and for the drawings people has done for me, should also be the case. You know me; I have anger issues, I wrote a FULL novel (or at least its draft, it still needs some corrections, described, in social life, by Fermion, and in real life, my brother), and I spend enough time on what NOBODY CARES.

So, will you just TRY, and respect the fact that I like sharing the drawings people has done for me, as AT/RQ, and know that I credit and link back, no matter what?


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2017-04-21 19:52:20

Whoa. Well...ok then. First off, I personally find it great that you're sharing other people's artwork of your characters, as it gives others a chance to see others artwork. Second, no I don't like seeing you mad & angry. I hate seeing/hearing any of my friends in a bad mood. And I do respect you, don't think that I don't, alright? I'll always respect you :3

ChoonieMoonie2002 responds:

Yet some Deviantart user named brenstar345 got concerned about me, sharing her work of my characters, to my Facebook page, and my Twitter. I gave her credit and linked back, but she got into the concern just because I didn't ask first.