Shippings I will often tolerate

2017-04-20 09:05:22 by ChoonieMoonie2002

Hello, I'm ChoonieLaster, creator of Soak Speed.

I know that I don't generally draw shippings, due to the drawings also to be published on Facebook and Twitter. Most are considered as my best works, such as Caught in your wires... I guess I should remake this drawing, in some way that recreates the scene of the novel!

Well, as most of you will know, I also tolerate a variety of shippings, but in this list, I will describe ONLY official shippings, that are the ones that will be tolerated in most times! Shippings of Fan character-Canon do not count!
(I say most, because, you know I don't like any kind of 18+ art. Sure, I can get to write 18+ stuff, but with just thinking on how it actually happens... ¡Me da cosa!)

1.- Sarzee and Scrammy (from ChoonieLaster's Boom!): Sigh... what can I say about this one? When I firstly started writing the novel, from the many ideas I had in mind was, the fact that Sarzee and Scrammy had a romance after finding each other in the connection between Sunlight City and Moonlight Rapids. Yet the date changed various times, until arriving to what it is now in Boom: The novel - Chapter 11 . Still, due to it being a confirmed shipping, I will tolerate most ways the romance could have happened... or romance beyond novel-relation!

2.- Surreal and Droplita (from Mesa Realm)Ever since Droplita reached the Adolescent phase of her robotic life, and after being chosen as a Mesa test robot, she was glad that she had the perfect partner... even if Surreal didn't think so. Even though the inverted five point star robot always tried to do his best to get out of the tests, Droplita wouldn't just stop loving him, and since those days, 90% of the pear robot's thoughts is Surreal. Just... Surreal.

3.- Earthstar and Spikalore (from Soak Speed): Ever since I started with the concepts of Soak Speed, one of the ideas I can't take off my mind is, that there's extreme romance at some point of the story. As with Sarzee and Scrammy, the idea of Earthstar and Spikalore has changed various times; From a kiss and some forced romance, to what appears to be... um... Honestly, I can't explain all the details due to 18+ content... But hey, I know I'm giving a slight spoiler, but, to get the Pink Shard, Earthstar was forced to do it to Spikalore. Yet the gray Soakling doesn't notice anything, due to him being put to sleep by chloroform. Still, the thing was successful, and Earthstar was paid with the Pink Shard. Even if he forgot that ever happened.
How would they do it, if they're a creature that has no visible genitals? I would like to explain you, but I have to say no.

4.- Bio-Weapon and Shadow Plague (from Pathogenic Incorporation): I will explain less because this one just popped off my mind yesterday. There's a point in the actual story, where the Bio-Weapon starts to have a close interest in the Shadow Plague. At start, she was feeling so uncomfortable, and even with the fear the Special Pathogen Clan (SPC) might notice it. Now, even for me it's hard to understand how will the romance be developed in the story.

Soak Speed and Boom! novel: me
Original Boom! game show: Keshet Broadcasting
Portal: Valve
Plague Inc: Ndemic Creations


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