I quit music composing

2017-04-08 19:57:58 by ChoonieMoonie2002

I'm sorry, but I am unable to keep on with music composing. Due to the many issues I've had before, and the many projects in mind, that unfortunately all are scrapped, I got into forced retirement. I know this will make me start losing followers, but it's the truth. Despite it's Spring Break, all the sounds I was making were of course horrible, and I've been more of listening to music. Not creating it.


So, if you got to read this... if your main reason of following me was because of my music, I will highly suggest you to unfollow me.


(Now, I may have quit music composing, but I will keep submitting audio, but it will be only vocals. Most ideas came from voice scales, and I did want to share these ideas)


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2017-04-08 20:18:48

Hey, unless there is some crazy real life reason you can't keep making music, I say don't stop.

Seriously, if it's just YOU or even someone saying your music isn't good, or a waste of time. Don't quit.

You will always have room to improve, and maybe it'll never be perfect.

But that's who we are, we all make mistakes or sometimes things happen that don't pan out.

Just don't quit. You can take a break, even if it takes a couple YEARS to come back.

If you truly like making music, just deal with what you have to deal with, and move on, then come back to it.

Keep Going.
Don't Quit.

ChoonieMoonie2002 responds:

Nah... my sounds were never good. I mean, listen to them! Not even I like my own music!