Music plans for 2018.

2018-01-12 16:37:29 by ChoonieMoonie2002

So, I wanted to take advantage until now, and start discussin' some plans I have for my music 'career' this year.

Even though I have lacked of original track ideas recently, at least some remasterizations got to work perfectly fine, especially regarding stuff involved in professional electronic, such as drops. Since I'm still a newbie to those things, but since school has already started gettin' rough even with the first weeks, I might go back to my original schedule of a song every fortnight. However, since intense schoolwork gets to be done first, I can assure you that music will keep its advantage in a... considerable percentage.

My promises are almost never accomplished, since I suck at plannin', but I can hint you some tracks comin' for this year. The months are just estimations. But I think I'll work on them in the described months, so I can keep you happy. But for SoundCloud, stuff might be more tricky, meanin' only the best will be posted there. All will be here, due to unlimited uploadin' time.



-Biologic Hazard (March)

-Dark Light (October)

-Extension (June)

-Codename: NECROA (April)

-Unhappiness (December)

-Forceless (May)

-Diagnosis (October)



-Unsynthetization (varied, dependin' on the song count. Ya know that every 6 songs, there's a new Unsynthetization format)

-Funest Trigger (February, July)

-Ink Machine (February)

-Distant Nightmares (January)

-Start Again (August, December)

-Blood Analysis (April, September)

-Genocidal (December)



-New Subject (March)

-Seven Colors of the Ruin (June)

-Silver Supremacy* (April)


Even though some might not be fulfilled, I'm 100% sure I can get to work in all my 2018 plans!




*Silver Supremacy was the Acid Trance that was force-cancelled due to a computer crash. The original Unsynthetization, known as Synth in my Veins came out instead.


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