Just to let you know...

2017-11-23 21:25:14 by ChoonieMoonie2002

Now, I am sorry for showing signs of inactivity in the last weeks.

Since I am on Winter Break, and have used other devices and books more than the computer, I lacked of ideas for a song that isn't a remake of another song, or another Unsynthetization format (been like... three fully-released formats this year; original, Geometrical Death, and Demonic Angel - feel free to make your own; just message me in case you've did one)

I haven't been drawing much either; despite I acquire the inspiration from videogames, I might have the idea on mind, but I am unable to put it into the paper. At least as I should. And practically I can't post here since I do everything on my iPad, and I rarely check on here. Sometimes I wish a NG app... basically for the art (browse, post) audio (browse) and movies (browse)

If you want to see what was I drawing (not too much during this period, honestly...), feel free to check my DA account at any time; https://chooniemoonie2002.deviantart.com/

I am always up for a chat; since I am sure no rabid follower will show up in here (I barely have followers here anyway...), you can go join my Discord server, or have me as friend, at least; https://discord.gg/c4aVSxK


But, I am still alive: I am just inactive.




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