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Music plans for 2018.

2018-01-12 16:37:29 by ChoonieMoonie2002

So, I wanted to take advantage until now, and start discussin' some plans I have for my music 'career' this year.

Even though I have lacked of original track ideas recently, at least some remasterizations got to work perfectly fine, especially regarding stuff involved in professional electronic, such as drops. Since I'm still a newbie to those things, but since school has already started gettin' rough even with the first weeks, I might go back to my original schedule of a song every fortnight. However, since intense schoolwork gets to be done first, I can assure you that music will keep its advantage in a... considerable percentage.

My promises are almost never accomplished, since I suck at plannin', but I can hint you some tracks comin' for this year. The months are just estimations. But I think I'll work on them in the described months, so I can keep you happy. But for SoundCloud, stuff might be more tricky, meanin' only the best will be posted there. All will be here, due to unlimited uploadin' time.



-Biologic Hazard (March)

-Dark Light (October)

-Extension (June)

-Codename: NECROA (April)

-Unhappiness (December)

-Forceless (May)

-Diagnosis (October)



-Unsynthetization (varied, dependin' on the song count. Ya know that every 6 songs, there's a new Unsynthetization format)

-Funest Trigger (February, July)

-Ink Machine (February)

-Distant Nightmares (January)

-Start Again (August, December)

-Blood Analysis (April, September)

-Genocidal (December)



-New Subject (March)

-Seven Colors of the Ruin (June)

-Silver Supremacy* (April)


Even though some might not be fulfilled, I'm 100% sure I can get to work in all my 2018 plans!




*Silver Supremacy was the Acid Trance that was force-cancelled due to a computer crash. The original Unsynthetization, known as Synth in my Veins came out instead.

I made two tracks in a single day. One in Medly, other in FL Studio 12. With a similar purpose; close 2017 and open 2018, in the electronic way you (don't?) know.



"The robot with mitochondrially suspicious behavior" (yes, I made the word Mitochondrially)

Goopy Daymares is another Made-in-Medly track that, as well, involves tests in drops without cymbals. Using two packs of drums and 6 other instruments, I tried to 'mimic' some parts of the Starter tracks that are unlocked when you first use Medly (it is a free app with IAPs). Sure, I couldn't nail the volume and the pitch change because I'm still a newbie to those things, but using the kicks when making the drops was a lot of fun.


Genocidal 'Sugar Blood' IS OUT!!:

"The Jawbreaker's terrorism hell"

Genocidal 'Sugar Blood' is the (not) expected remake of my last track of 2016; Genocidal. Now, this remake might be shorter and only have one pattern in common, but it's also the first test on drops via FL Studio 12. I wanted to make this one sound 'hell-ish' and 'sweet' altogether; even though I didn't nail it, and is still as loud as the original, I'm still happy with the result.


So, I hope you enjoy both soundtracks, and don't hesitate on leavin' a vote. Reviews are not obligatory, but still okay.

I wish you a Happy New Year of 2018 to you all as well~ ;)


~ChoonieLaster ୧☉ᨓ☉୨

So, this track was finished in Christmas midnight, but until later that day, I got to post it in SoundCloud. And until now, I'm sharin' it with you.


Funest Trigger 'Thagirion' is now a reality to start the year!


The track's nickname was originally The Party Crasher, but since it sounded a bit too... cliché, I decided to go for the nickname Thagirion instead. It could have sounded better, but I had fun makin' the drop. It was something I didn't try before, even if I got based on the starter melodies that can be found in the Starter album of Medly.

It was a quick track, though, even though not even I expected making a decent track in a very short lapse of time.


~ChoonieLaster ୧☉ᨓ☉୨

Smile furiously and Unsynthetize yourself like never before...



I got to utilize a new media to make music, and it served for me, because I can do it on the go! It's called Medly. Works similar to FL Studio 12, except that I (for now) have limited instruments, and made this track with the ones I found most suitable.

And it's out only on SoundCloud, since I can't convert an audio file to .mp3 , and post it in here.


Coming soon... MONSTER BLOOD!!


Since I discovered Medly and its instruments, I started having plans of a new full-release album. For now, I can give you the hints of 12 tracks (four being altered/remastered versions of previous ones), and that, for now, it's going to be a SoundCloud-exclusive. Until I learn to trademark and monetization, it'll be just chords. I was about to say words, but...


Have the album cover, to let you know. (Made in Assembly; copyright to Pixite)


Now, I am sorry for showing signs of inactivity in the last weeks.

Since I am on Winter Break, and have used other devices and books more than the computer, I lacked of ideas for a song that isn't a remake of another song, or another Unsynthetization format (been like... three fully-released formats this year; original, Geometrical Death, and Demonic Angel - feel free to make your own; just message me in case you've did one)

I haven't been drawing much either; despite I acquire the inspiration from videogames, I might have the idea on mind, but I am unable to put it into the paper. At least as I should. And practically I can't post here since I do everything on my iPad, and I rarely check on here. Sometimes I wish a NG app... basically for the art (browse, post) audio (browse) and movies (browse)

If you want to see what was I drawing (not too much during this period, honestly...), feel free to check my DA account at any time;

I am always up for a chat; since I am sure no rabid follower will show up in here (I barely have followers here anyway...), you can go join my Discord server, or have me as friend, at least;


But, I am still alive: I am just inactive.



I originally wrote an entire vent post in my DA account describing my illness and the impacts real-life problems gave to my Internet behavior, but nobody wanted to listen. And I feel like ending this myself so many times, because no one'd ever understand, but it is useless. So I am writing this post, because I need urgent help; a non-rantful, uncensored, friend-restoring, non-flame war-causing way to end this without making me furious!

The situation actually started over a year ago, when I started to get serious about my work. But I prefer to talk only about the present.

After realizing about the first parts of the situation, I wrote a vent I shared with my ex-friends. But two did not listen, and I even encouraged them to read again, yet the problem wasn't solved. They still wanted me to forgive them, when I already had the words to do so.
It happened again at Discord Chat; I wanted to solve the situation, but my mysterious mental illness didn't let me to... and I burst out as I would always do.

However, it has been ongoing since I had a rabid follower; I had to discontinue my Discord account because my chatrooms suddenly got flooded by stupid comments I would not even understand; I attempted to shut them up myself and make them sane, but they only said Speak English!, Where are the subtitles!? and stupid stuff like that, when I was being coherent and friendly (I have approved all and every single English subjects in all my school life, I watched too much Sesame Street and Dora the Explorer during my childhood, and, man, even I had extracurricular English classes, especially in Summer Break!). In moments like these, I would always be forced to get furious, even if I don't want to.

I have received so many rants ever since; I would always want to explain the situations, but they just do not listen; they don't know that my Internet problems come from real life! 

Naturally, I have trouble making friends, and interact with society. I am about to conclude First Semester, and I may have good grades (even if not the best of the best in my classroom, but still only 9's and 10's Mexican system), but my only problem, was discipline; now, I do not shout curse words in real life (unless I'm VERY furious, yet that's very unlikely to happen, because, if I'd calculate my anger grades, only 5% means BALLISTIC TO DEATH!!!), due to my family education standards, but I get ticked off very easily. I take jokes way too seriously, and I am forced to calmly tell them to be quiet, even if they say It's just a joke! This has drastically influenced my Internet behavior. I have made several vents about this, but rants keep on evolving, and they're only making my illness more powerful.

But honestly, almost nobody ever cared about me just because I'm Mexican. In my country, we have been living several problems recently; delinquency, high violence, the repairs of the lethal damage that the Mexico City earthquake left, and especially is in my state where there has been insecurity. This was impacting my illness in some way; fear has made me feel less motivated than I'd normally should, and it has been turning into anger.

Yet so many people have never understood, and only told me to get the HELL out of the internet only because of my attitude, when I only want to share my works, and get to know others'; but I've had so much issues, related with socializing, and with controlling my illness, making me more of a marginated artist than someone, at least known; my talent may be tolerable, but my behavior isn't.

I've lost a friend recently; and just because of my illness; I get too serious when somebody comments on my work (it's not mandatory, though), and I am careful when...
-It only has one word. One-word comments are not helpful.
-It's comparing it with something else, not related with the design UNLESS I state in the description that it's inspired from such thing.
-It is a negative comment from someone that doesn't know how to criticize. I love criticism, as long as it's not harmful or rabid.

Most people just do not know I have some mental illness; and I know it can't be autism, simply emotional issues, or any other that directly affects and 'controls' the emotions. I must wait until my exams are over (concluding the semester, and take me to Winter Break as well), so I can ask my parents to take me to an accurate diagnosis; yes, my father is a well-recognized doctor across my city, but he's a cardiologist; and I went to two psychologists, but the situation, in real life, is not solved.

Unfortunately, I am scared on telling the true story to my parents and my brother (which is 5 years older than me), with the fear they might force me to shut down all my media accounts, and strict my talent forever. I just... can't tell them about it, not even when I have nothing to do. Only school knows about my situation, but not even the psychologist himself or my teachers (mostly those that are close friends) got a true remedy for it. I felt like they didn't like me at all.

I just can't have the attitude of a true 15-year old girl. I am in Preparatory, supposedly more disciplined, yet it was all the opposite; my classmates only spend their time ticking me off, and have constant headaches. My illness is becoming more powerful when they least notice it; one single comment could lead me to expulsion! And I don't want this to happen; as I stated before, socializing is my only school issue, grades aren't.
I don't want to be against something I actually do, but if I resist on getting furious, I will only have a headache that will not let me focus on the class.

I, can't... I just... can't find a solution myself, not even in real life. I could just have been a waste of space, and would have focused my entire life in videogames, but that's useless; I exist for a reason. But I can't just trust anyone... I don't really think I can have help... because my illness will only make me refuse, and I would be an entire waste everywhere.

This post is SERIOUS. Please do not post stupidity or anything not related to the topic.


If there is a reason why I use the internet, is to share my work, and for people to discover it. That is obvious.


But. If there is something I despise more than rabid followers praising to me as if I were her GODDESS (remember I do not like being treated as something else), it's being spammed with the same invites (even if from different people) to contests, over and over again...

Well, guess what; someone just sent me a message that is just an invite to receive reviews of my latest song, Sprung Away. And I declined it, not because I lacked of time, but because I AM SICK AND TIRED OF RECEIVING INVITES TO DESPAIRING MUSIC CONTESTS! I mean, with one or two is fine, but... scattered through most my music library? UNACCEPTABLE.

Now, I do not hate being invited; for me it's okay, and I can decide if to accept it or not. However, with so many SoundCloud comments and messages regards invites to music contests, IT'S JUST TOO FAR!

And, I am not gonna lie to you (and I don't say it); True artists do what they like for FUN, not for FAME. I follow this.
And I don't care if people transform what they like to do into a PROFESSION, and they only do it FOR MONEY.
If I make music or draw something, it's because I really enjoy doing it (despite several struggles), and this is what I mean when I say that people that know how to use social media do it because they like it.

Now, just because I'm saying this DOESN'T mean I don't want to be famous at all. I want to be a natural Internet user. All I ever wanted is a normal Internet life.

Sure, I can have my positive and negative reviewers, and that's okay; when it's possible, I love criticism, and thanks to it, I express myself, with the reasons why I like something, and why not. I can help known people to improve, and unknown to get more used to be in the media, even if I am practically an advanced amateur (sorry if I am sounding ironic, but it's true; I am good at what I like, yet very few know about my capablilies, but they must discover it by natural).

So, guys; if you even see this, just understand that I use the internet and post my work, because I like doing it. I have never done anything for the money. Comments are not obligatory; but if someone comments, please... express your likes and dislikes about my work. But just, do not compare it with pre-existant stuff, and stop saying I am not original; I have too much inspirations, and that's what I love; receive inspirations of every kind. As I stated some months ago; I would never steal stuff and claim it as my own. And if I forget to ask for permission to share ChoonieLaster fanart to another site... it's because I want people to know others' capabilities. If you will rage, I will not delete the post. It came to stay.

~ChoonieLaster NightmalAbyss

What is news?

2017-09-19 16:10:12 by ChoonieMoonie2002

I do not know what am I writing. I do not know what is this. All I know, is that I have lost my mind after school and I forgot about fun.

Layton album announcement

2017-09-08 07:33:08 by ChoonieMoonie2002

I know I may not be prepared enough to finally announce an album, yet after that playlist I firstly created in my SoundCloud account (be sure to check it out as well! ), I finally decided to finally announce it here (please do note that in the album, some songs have different names; it's still the same song, though);

Layton - A ChoonieLaster album

It has been only a decade, and puzzles just got harder than ever. Nobody dared to succeed in any of those, because they were creepy. Fear over those problems just made stuff worse... until now! CHOONIELASTER'S Layton presents, with no fear and no embarrassment, the puzzles that could not be solved, with all their answers found. Few, but long, tracks fulfill the world with the fear they had over them, while they do not appear scary at all. These puzzles are:

1.- Blood Analysis:

Submerged and from a twenty-seven year old female infected with an unknown pathogen, Blood Analysis perfectly states it's about a dangerous VIRUS. It spread undetected, but when people noticed about it, it was too late. The cure could not be fully developed, and everyone died. It is the tragic story of such virus, when it was struggling to spread. Until, it killed its last host; the last human in the world.

2.- Ink Machine:

Way back in the beginning of animation, there were so much issues. Especially, because someone was left alone in a studio. Suddenly, Ink Machine decided to work by itself. The storyboards were dripping away, until it formed a peculiar worm. A so-called Neurax Worm. Its only wishes were to manipulate and enslave humanity. But the ink was so limited, a demon had to be made. Teaming up, this track is the scary story of how everything was getting worse overtime.

3.- Distant Nightmares:

Centuries ago, one person was almost dead. Yet a sentient pathogen has been transforming it... and it raises again as a vampire! On those years, such human had Distant Nightmares that made it struggle to be awaken at night, and subjugate blood from people. This track recreates its story, from start to ending, when it either enslaved the world in darkness... or just kill everyone, making the vampire also die. Nothing left behind.

4.- Silent Start:

There does not appear to be much to say about this puzzle. Because of this, it is unknown why all the Nightmalabyssers had to have a Silent Start. It was part of them however, and of course, it was emotionless.

5.- Unsynthetization:

The song, found in the DNA of all and every single of the Nightmalabyssmers, cannot stay without a spot. Unsynthetization is more of a task about vice, restraining any positive emotion. Trust cannot be taken. It's an important part of the code, because if something wrong goes, it is broken, and the Nightmalabyssmers will die. Nobody knows how much does this means for them. But what if they cause a good change? They will then, and so, understand. But it still needs to kill itself, because they did not need him at all.

6.- Fatal Trigger:

Deep within the insanity of an amateur surgeon, the Fatal Trigger is turned on. It does appear to be innocent at start, but later, its power is unbound, and it is at this moment, when the blood thirst is conceded. It may save lives, despite they still end in the hospital, due to severe blood loss.

7.- Boundaries:

This last puzzle is also one of the most important too. It appears to be easy to break Boundaries with someone you have kept contact for a very long time. Nothing much, but it is a highly concerning situation. It may still be dangerous, however...


Who should be ChoonieLaster's mascot(s)?:


2017-09-03 18:20:11 by ChoonieMoonie2002