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While the song may sound like any other, the description... it's what matters.

If anyone of you notices the note, please tell brenstar345 I'm sorry. The focus, there shouldn't be the track itself. The description is what matters. Now, I share not because yes. I do this because I want people to know the artists, and check other drawings by them as well. I consider sharing revenue, and... has anyone thought, did Rub ask Ramen to post the drawing on Twitter? No... well, anyone who gets into the track, read the entire description!!


2017-04-23 21:48:55 by ChoonieMoonie2002

I don't know what happened. I had my comeback song ready (the full version of Unsynthetization), and, for a really weird reason, only 39 seconds of it were fully saved. I guess I should do it all from scratch... I only wanted to surprise you about that thing being just a small break from music, taking time of Spring Vacation, yet everything turned out to be worse...

Now it happens I received another rant from Bren. Before you rant me, let me point out:

Now, you know you're concerned about me posting drawings by other people (not in here, in my Facebook page and my Twitter), and you say I didn't ask permission, but THEY'RE MY CHARACTERS, AND I WANT TO SHOWCASE THE WORKS BECAUSE I WANT THEM TO KNOW AND FOLLOW THE ARTISTS WHOSE MADE THEM.

Besides, what is wrong with linking back? One of the drawings made is from a person I BROKE BOUNDARIES WITH, and so, I will not post a single evidence, due to the artist being a monster. Now, you may not wanna report me because, sharing the work to around the world DOESN'T EQUAL TO stealing. I do give credit, and link back.

Besides, when I asked permission to do something? NEVER.
I'd hate having further concerns. Those who keep on for sure LOVE seeing me angry. Why is it WRONG to share and giving proper credit, but OKAY to not telling anyone about the talents people have?

And this is for everyone reading this journal, that made a drawing for me, as either AT or RQ. Is it hard to leave a girl with anger issues alone? Is it easy to keep on shouting over and over again, because of me sharing a drawing in other media, but being concerned, even if I do give credit and link back?

Do you LOVE to trigger my anger issues? Do you even HATE me and what I do... I mean, do you really HATE me? You shouldn't answer, because i know what you mean. Rants, concerns, and reports are equal to HATE. YES, I MEAN SERIOUSLY. ANYONE THAT DOESN'T RESPECT WHAT I DO, HATES ME.

You most times said, that only the owner of the character can use the drawing. I read it in the works I've seen around, and for the drawings people has done for me, should also be the case. You know me; I have anger issues, I wrote a FULL novel (or at least its draft, it still needs some corrections, described, in social life, by Fermion, and in real life, my brother), and I spend enough time on what NOBODY CARES.

So, will you just TRY, and respect the fact that I like sharing the drawings people has done for me, as AT/RQ, and know that I credit and link back, no matter what?

Hello, I'm ChoonieLaster, creator of Soak Speed.

I know that I don't generally draw shippings, due to the drawings also to be published on Facebook and Twitter. Most are considered as my best works, such as Caught in your wires... I guess I should remake this drawing, in some way that recreates the scene of the novel!

Well, as most of you will know, I also tolerate a variety of shippings, but in this list, I will describe ONLY official shippings, that are the ones that will be tolerated in most times! Shippings of Fan character-Canon do not count!
(I say most, because, you know I don't like any kind of 18+ art. Sure, I can get to write 18+ stuff, but with just thinking on how it actually happens... ¡Me da cosa!)

1.- Sarzee and Scrammy (from ChoonieLaster's Boom!): Sigh... what can I say about this one? When I firstly started writing the novel, from the many ideas I had in mind was, the fact that Sarzee and Scrammy had a romance after finding each other in the connection between Sunlight City and Moonlight Rapids. Yet the date changed various times, until arriving to what it is now in Boom: The novel - Chapter 11 . Still, due to it being a confirmed shipping, I will tolerate most ways the romance could have happened... or romance beyond novel-relation!

2.- Surreal and Droplita (from Mesa Realm)Ever since Droplita reached the Adolescent phase of her robotic life, and after being chosen as a Mesa test robot, she was glad that she had the perfect partner... even if Surreal didn't think so. Even though the inverted five point star robot always tried to do his best to get out of the tests, Droplita wouldn't just stop loving him, and since those days, 90% of the pear robot's thoughts is Surreal. Just... Surreal.

3.- Earthstar and Spikalore (from Soak Speed): Ever since I started with the concepts of Soak Speed, one of the ideas I can't take off my mind is, that there's extreme romance at some point of the story. As with Sarzee and Scrammy, the idea of Earthstar and Spikalore has changed various times; From a kiss and some forced romance, to what appears to be... um... Honestly, I can't explain all the details due to 18+ content... But hey, I know I'm giving a slight spoiler, but, to get the Pink Shard, Earthstar was forced to do it to Spikalore. Yet the gray Soakling doesn't notice anything, due to him being put to sleep by chloroform. Still, the thing was successful, and Earthstar was paid with the Pink Shard. Even if he forgot that ever happened.
How would they do it, if they're a creature that has no visible genitals? I would like to explain you, but I have to say no.

4.- Bio-Weapon and Shadow Plague (from Pathogenic Incorporation): I will explain less because this one just popped off my mind yesterday. There's a point in the actual story, where the Bio-Weapon starts to have a close interest in the Shadow Plague. At start, she was feeling so uncomfortable, and even with the fear the Special Pathogen Clan (SPC) might notice it. Now, even for me it's hard to understand how will the romance be developed in the story.

Soak Speed and Boom! novel: me
Original Boom! game show: Keshet Broadcasting
Portal: Valve
Plague Inc: Ndemic Creations

I quit music composing

2017-04-08 19:57:58 by ChoonieMoonie2002

I'm sorry, but I am unable to keep on with music composing. Due to the many issues I've had before, and the many projects in mind, that unfortunately all are scrapped, I got into forced retirement. I know this will make me start losing followers, but it's the truth. Despite it's Spring Break, all the sounds I was making were of course horrible, and I've been more of listening to music. Not creating it.


So, if you got to read this... if your main reason of following me was because of my music, I will highly suggest you to unfollow me.


(Now, I may have quit music composing, but I will keep submitting audio, but it will be only vocals. Most ideas came from voice scales, and I did want to share these ideas)

Most of you will not know what I'm talking about, but it's something true.


No, I didn't play it. And I will not.

So, just today, Club Penguin Island just opened its doors in App Store and Google Play. But most people weren't satisfied about it. They said they will no longer involve Puffles, making everyone get in the worry. Despite the characters are looking at the classic Disney style...
With just picking a color, the app crashes. It's free, yet most (if not all) actions require membership; Wanna waddle with clothing? Get membership. Wanna play? Membership. For everything, a membership is forcefully required.
It's just a money-costing app disguised as a free app. I've seen more cases like these, like the Coloring Book apps (Pigment, Lake, Colorfy and Coloring Book for Me), and... well... Smule doesn't count, because at least you have access to a lot of songs, even though for some, you must join someone that has VIP membership. But it has guaranteed fun in its 4 apps! (even if I'm only active in Sing, due to memory issues). But, CPI... requires a membership for absolutely everything. Even the fun.
And, to be honest, I've read the App Store reviews. And I also remember Shellaxy told me that she will not get the app for nearly the same reasons. Sure, I don't blame Disney, but they just... did something wrong enough to lose money. Not exactly goin' bankrupt, but... losing some money.
Damn, even in Facebook, in CP's official page, most of the reactions are Anger, or in Spanish, Me enoja, rather than Likes or Sad faces. This just made me have less chances on saying CPI is better than original CP. Because, the original CP was acceptable, yet Disney made everything worse, with CPI.
And, I mean, despite I was never a CP fan, Disney is just getting worse! Are they doing this for money, and not the satisfaction of customers?! Something similar must have happened with the Disney Infinity triology! When the cancellation was announced, everyone, even me, felt guilty about wasting so much money in well-made figures and an extremely stunning sanbox game! (though, to be honest, I preferred 1.0 over both 2.0 and 3.0... I don't really mind Marvel, and despite 3.0 lead me to like Star Wars... ugh. But mostly because the 1.0 playsets couldn't be played in neither 2.0 and 3.0!). Yet I'm getting a little bit off-topic with this.

This goes for Disney: You should be careful on what are you announcing, and what are you doing. You just made an app that destroyed childhoods after announcing the conclusion of the prequel. The one who had this idea, should be fired. Sure, you're a great company that made great films, and life-marking games, but overtime, people lose interest... and they just wasted money, so you could keep your huge industry alive. Listen to your fans. Listen to their interests. And don't just stay there, saying that you'll add it, and you break the promise. You can lose a lot of your money if you notice and regret what have you done to your fanbase, but it's the truth!

Now, I just hope this journal could get some slight attention, to make everyone realize about what Disney has done with some great games... I also miss Big Hero 6 Bot Fight, a retired app, that was the best Match-3 I've played! And it closed its doors a year ago! And it was so great! Now Disney has become... become... become... *insert a non-curse insulting word here*

I mean, Mr. Probe - I need to attend some... issues. But I will keep a steady supply of patients coming your way! - Bradley, AS2


2017-03-29 15:54:17 by ChoonieMoonie2002

I'm tired of so many people using my GD minis (that I will delete soon due to them being scrapped characters), off the topic they are. 99% people doesn't know that the minis of mine that they use are Geometry Dash-related and not the topic they're talking about. And, seriously though, I hate, hate HATE! people that emo-spam in the comments.
As someone recently blocked me just because it used a mini and I wanted to disclaim about it, I decided to create this.

Warning: This applies to EVERYTHING affilated to ChoonieLaster and any derivative!!

Yes, you can:

Use the vector/ref of the character of mine you drew as AT/RQ/GIFT and as long as you credit me for creating the character. In some cases, crediting me for creating concepts like Soak Speed and Kuniphobic also applies. If my character is a FC, you should credit the original creator of the concept.
Draw my characters in RP responsible scenes (unlikely to happen, because I very rarely RP, after I noticed about Shellaxy's issues)

Uh, you may or may not:

Create custom character vectors, mostly because I should do it, since they're my characters, and I control what they do and all that stuff.
Mention me in situations, in which I'm very unlikely to know, or don't wanna know about.

No, you CAN'T:

-Make my characters get out of their statics; this means giving it a different size in comparison to other character, making them be out of character (phsycologically), or even, COMPARING THEM WITH OTHER FAN CHARACTERS THEY HAVE NO RELATION WITH!! Only I can specify in which characters/concepts I got inspired to create the character! And in some cases, my characters are alike some pre-existant characters, but ONLY I CAN SAY WHICH ONES!!!
Suburban Heroine characters have special rules;

-You can't create a fan character for the concept: I mean, The Girl easily gets furious (as I do), and not even the nicest of the fan characters will attempt on messing with her. Besides, it will just be impossible for her to meet someone that has nothing to do. IN ABSOLUTE.
-You can't name The Girl: Her name will stay as The Girl. Not even characters in the concept know her real name, since, in all things known about her, she's described as [REDACTED], Nightmare, Monster or just Girl. Yes, The Girl is like me, but you can't name her starting, neither my real name nor my pseudonyme. So you're warned about it. Besides, she doesn't speak a lot during the story, and that makes things harder for the characters to know her name.
-The Girl and The Tunnel Monster are the only characters you CANNOT use in different purposes; Only in Art Trades and Gifts, they'll have special permission on using these characters. But in other situations, only I can draw The Girl and The Tunnel Monster, together or separated. Not even in Requests you can draw them.
-You DEFINITELY must credit me.
-Do not make any 18+ drawings of this concept; This applies to all kinds of 18+ art (porn or not), in which, since the 5 protagonists are underaged (The Girl is 14, and her 4 helpers are between 4 and 7), it will be impossible for a drawing like that stay in the website. Not even The Tunnel Monster will be subject to unrelated situations where he's attacked, or seriously messing with the main characters. Special rules of The Tunnel Monster described in Sub-Rule 3.

I just hope I prevent more character issues with this. I'm ChoonieLaster, the Living Nightmare, and peace out!


Help delete this journal! This person doesn't know my anger issues are a real-life problem!

If anyone of you got to hear my latest track, The Octo-Squid's Rising, you may already know it sounds kinda horrible. It's not the first time FL Studio 12 malfunctions. It's, like the third time, after Genocidal and my forced-cancelled project Silver Supremacy.

I was working normally in the program, taking in mind the fact that I can't reproduce any media. Yet I came back from Math school, and it started to sound buggy, and ear-breaking. I didn't know what even happened, so I only repeated patterns and pasted parts of them on the track. After saving it as MP3 file, it didn't sound... what I thought it would be.

I mentioned a cancelled project; actually, Silver Supremacy was cancelled because the program crashed, so did my computer. I was in the final tests, and when arriving to a drop... boom. FL Studio 12 crashed, and it left my computer without reactions. I was forced to turn it off, and lose all my work.

The lag in Genocidal was just a challenge of verification; The use of the Autogun as a friend for the Keyboard was the main cause. And, despite that lag wasn't as disastrous as later with Silver Supremacy, I just realized something... even if it was after Silver Supremacy's "death";


Too much tools don't make things better; The good employment of few tools is essential.


So, I'm sorry I can't make things better in upcoming tracks; If I will make a song, I have the risk of lag and computer crash. If it goes in a point, it can be fine. But if it goes far... game over.



Like most people that made a movie, wrote a novel, or something like that, while the time passed, I also had ideas on how the Boom! novel would go on, some passed to the script, others didn't... these will be described below (careful, there might be SPOILERS, so, read at your own risk!!!):


  • Original: Flomma was lost in Grayscalia City, and she had to be adapted to how Bombs lived there; Chargia was the first to enter, and she almost died in the guillotine. In time, Tutory interacted, and Flomma's furious side was summoned.
  • Modification: Flomma was, in Grayscalia City, but after bouncing away from the Bombites (scene not shown), she fell in an Ahora Caigo-styled trap, and she got lost in such darkness. There, she met Crosscheck.


  • Original: Tutory was the one that disabled the gas machines, and Chargia went to rescue Noorban. Nothing went wrong in the process.
  • Modification: Chargia could not disable all the gas machines, and she was sucked by an amber portal. Noorban nearly died, yet Tutory did rescue him.


  • Original: Explo was in a dark chamber, and the only lights were, his, and some coming from White Bombs, with a red eye, only one wire (Red), and that were still, until they detected someone, so they could shoot their paint. After getting rid of them, Explo was the first to enter Colosaur's Chamber, where he suffered the flashback of his past, before he could die. He counter-attacked Colosaur, and waited for Tutory and Chargia.
  • Modification: Explo was in the Follen Stage, in depression. The Flashlightnings gave his emotion back, until Floneeka appeared, and, it was at this moment, when Explo received the Golden and Platinum Wires. And he ended up cursed.


  • Original: Chargia and Tutory themselves agreed with Colosaur, that the event would be in the Azte Stage, and the 7 Bombs would be present, yet in the Conveyor Belt.
  • Modification: It was Compla the one that agreed with Colosaur, and the event was realized in the Follen Stage, with all Azte, Arrow 3 and Seco Bombs (alongside the 7 Atombs) in the former Splatter Zone.


  • Original: Colosaur's Death and the clean-up of the Stage meant the end of the novel.
  • Modification: Since Explo and Tutory disappeared, the novel had to continue.


  • Original: Chargoona decided to contemplate Explo, and repaired him with a cutter, a stapler, a lighter, gel, some tongs, two clamps, a vacuum, a chainsaw, an injector, a battery, a scanner and a syringe (Does that remember you of something?)
  • Modification: With a single injection from the nowhere, Explo was repaired, and recovered consciousness.


  • Original: Tutory and Chargia arrived to the Seco Stage, and, with just cutting a wire from Compla, the Stage trembled, and went into ruins. But the three came out alive, and Compla didn't reveal that she was Compla, until she saw Explo on the Azte Stage.
  • Modification: Flomma was the one that entered the Seco Stage (even if accidentally), she met the 7 Seco Bombs, and she was nearly killed by a cursed Explo. He then went to the supposed Ultreeba's chamber, and she revealed the truth, in front of him. She also took off the curse from Explo, by placing the correct, brown and cyan wires.


  • Original: In the Azte Stage, Sarzee secretly went to the Sidelines, since the package arrived, and she didn't show off the secret until the entire Stage was stained.
  • Modification: In the Follen Stage, Sarzee used her red wire as a grappling gun, to reach one of the metallic circles of the roof, and then, she used it again to go to the Exit Hallway. The package arrived, and she turned the Bomb on during the disaster, since she was no victim.


  • Explo's flashback: Before Colosaur killed Explo, the Silver Bomb remembered the day when, he was about to eat his lunch composed of orange and grapefruit slices, and some lemonade, when Colosaur attacked. He suffered from a lot of scars, and, before his motor was ripen off, he remembered Compla's words, and counter-attacked Colosaur. After this, the Silver Bomb ran away to his classroom. (the scene was considered unecessary, and as it was alongside other modified scene, it got completely scrapped)
  • Bomb Sex: Originally, Sarzee and Scrammy's relationship lasted longer, and it was more... sexy. Or well, I don't know. It happened, that first, the Dark Green Bomb decided to introduce her red wire to Scrammy's intern mechanism, and after Sarzee's red wire got connected to the Paint Tank, the Dark Purple Bomb felt pleasure. Some seconds later, he decided to do the same, with his white wire, in Sarzee's tank. There was more of unecessary explanations, like speaking about their lives, and how they felt when they had each other close. They also kissed more often. And, when the night arrived, Scrammy sprayed white through his white wire (even though this depends if the male is left-wired or right-wired). It also took longer for Tutory to notice that Sarzee and Scrammy were asleep already. (Despite Bombs are robots, I decided to instantly scrap the scene, because I considered it too inappropiate and confusing)
  • Toondery's Torture: There was a point that, when the Atombs were cursed, they even tortured Toondery, and left him in comma, nearly dead. It was, the After-Show, during Tutory and Chargia's period in the Flow Blow Gardens, when Toondery didn't want the Atombs to leave him alone. And so, Kankilia started with leaving him in the Center of the Plate, and, the first thing that was done, was to electrocute him, as a sort of anesthesia. Baphillia didn't hesitate with scratching the poor Mascot Bomb's armor, so Skullet could implant dangerous  and sharp objects on Toondery. Plaseeva and Coreea exploded by the front cannon, showering the only Black Bomb in the Stage with radioactive paint. Despite Bleshia didn't do anything, he was in charge on preparing the objects, and even the lights. Finally, Lucatanal bit one of Toondery's eyes, and ripped off all his wires. After the Mascot Bomb woke up, he couldn't resist the pain, and he fell to the floor, bleeding, slowly dying. (The scene was scrapped, since it was too strong. Or at least, stronger than the confrontation and what happened to Explo later in the novel. And I mean extremely strong. I'm a person that tolerates blood. But not too much blood)
  • Second Romance: At another point, while Sarzee, Scrammy, Fussy, Chargia and Chargoona were in a Lost Stage, both Dark Green and Dark Purple Bombs had another romance, while both Humanoid Bombs contemplated Explo, and the Silver Wick Bomb was wandering through the place. Despite they didn't have any kind of sex, both felt more romantic than how they were in the edges of the Sunset Forest. Their kiss also lasted longer, making Fussy even a witness. (It was scrapped, since it would have made the novel longer, with an unecessary fact)
  • It was the Talefia Stage?!: Another deleted scene happened in the Lost Stage. Before Chargia said a word, a Golden Bomb, that was like Crosscheck, except it had 10 wires, and no glasses, opened his eyes. At first, Chargia thought that Colosaur was still alive, yet that sounded impossible. The lights turned on, and the team was revealed; the Azte/Arrow 3 Bombs were in the Talefia Stage, that was like Arrow, but it was... with slight twists. Two Talefia Bombs were also witnesses of Sarzee and Scrammy's romance. (I decided to officially introduce the Talefia characters until I start with Double Boom!, which is the continuation of the story. I don't know how will it go on. Until I finish Soak Speed, I will figure it out!)


And it seems that this is all for now. See you! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



. . .

2017-03-10 20:38:11 by ChoonieMoonie2002

Just... forget I've done something, OK? I'm not really in the mood of talking right now... so many hatred due to anger issues, so many blockages, and so much issues, both real, and social... it's just very hard for me to get over blockages, and over... everything...