Blood Analysis Trance Song
Infectious Issues Industrial Song
The only saved segment of Unsynthetization Miscellaneous Song
The Octo-Squid's Rising Experimental Song
The Nightmare's Symphony World Song
Synth in my Veins Synthwave Song
Genocidal House Song
Hypocrisy Goth Song
Jolly Ranger (Lone and Rogue) Trance Song
Arabesque in Flat G Ambient Song
Anti-Satanist Dubstep Song
7 Colors of the Ruin Dubstep Song
Unacceptable Trance Song
Player One Dubstep Song
X Ambient Song
Loneliness and Depression Solo Instrument Song
The Wrong Way Ambient Song
No reason of regret Ambient Song
Tale of a Tang Ambient Song
Unforgivable Ambient Song
Analyzed Experimental Song
Unexplained Experimental Song
Choonie - Say that again? Experimental Song
Choonie - Approach of Nothing Experimental Song
Choonie - Environment Chaos Miscellaneous Song
Choonie - Mind sense Miscellaneous Song
Choonie - Dropped off Miscellaneous Song
Choonie - New Subject Miscellaneous Song